Our lunch program started at Edith Cavell School in 2015.


We are currently providing over 4,500 healthy lunches each week to children in 33 different schools throughout the Niagara Region. Through partnerships and support from passionate individuals who believe in our vision, we continue to grow. We are working together to ensure that every child will have access to quality food every day.

Community giving is future building.


We are dedicated to providing nutritious lunches and hope throughout the school year to children who need it most. But it’s more than just lunches. Our program helps to empower children, and unite businesses and supporters through community engagement. By working together, we help inspire and nurture our leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the tools and knowledge to help make a difference.

Ways to get Involved.

Throughout the year we host different events to help expand the program. This is all made possible because of our amazing  Crew Partners.  From our  Fundraising Galas to Difference Maker Events and more, our goal is to ensure everything we do is community driven and inclusive. Be sure to follow us on social to keep up to date.

Have you heard about some of the amazing Difference Maker events that people have hosted? These are fundraisers that members of our community will run on their own to help support Community Crew. From trivia to paint nights or getting Casual For Kids, businesses and individuals alike have hosted different events to help collect donations and supplies for our program. The possibilities are endless. Looking for ways to host your own difference maker fundraiser? Check out our tips and info to help get you started.

Volunteers are an integral part to Community Crew. We are always looking for passionate individuals to help out. Whether it’s for lunch prep or lunch delivery, or assisting at an event there are plenty of ways you can get involved. If you are interested in joining the Crew, fill out an application and a member of our team will follow up with you.