Annual Sponsor: Leadership Niagara

Thank you to our Annual Sponsor Leadership Niagara for their partnership and efforts not only with helping us spread the word about our Night of Miracles Fundraising Gala, but for their dedication to our program and the children we serve.


Annual Sponsor Leadership NiagaraAbout Leadership Niagara

Leadership Niagara provides diverse learning experiences that will inspire leadership and contribute to a vibrant, prosperous, community-minded Niagara. Their core values focus on community involvement, and creating an inclusive environment for their partners that builds and strengthens relationships; embracing innovative and imaginative approaches with passion and desire, that creates transformative and impactful ideas; working together in a respectful and purposeful way, to achieve a common goal; sincerity and honesty, displayed in a non-judgmental and values-based to actions and activities.



We are very grateful for all they do to support our program and their contributions and focus on helping to build a prosperous and connected community.


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