A new initiative launched by Community Crew in the Niagara Region is to help raise awareness and funds for our local lunch programs for children who have been affected by poverty. Each week, hundreds of kids in at-risk situations go hungry in elementary schools in Niagara. Through the support of our donors we are able to provide healthy lunches to some of these children but there is still so much work to do.


When a child doesn’t have to worry about having food to eat, we know they can spend their time & energy learning in school which can help them succeed in life.


Each registration kit includes:

  • Presentation from Community Crew to your staff on why your support makes a difference (10 mins)
  • Stickers for your staff to show their support
  • Customized posters with your logo
  • Customized tent cards with your logo
  • Social Media Recognition

Get YOU Can Get Involved

Host a Casual for Kids Day at your office to help raise funds and awareness for these children in the Niagara Region. Participants give $2-$5 to go Casual for a day at the office. To order your Casual for Kids registration kit, please complete the form below.

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Kids aren’t coming with full lunches and if they are they are not always the most nutritious lunches…The intermediate crew (students) who helps everyday, they look forward to it every week. They look forward to showing that leadership. They look forward to helping the lunch angel crew…it gives them a chance to pay it forward.

Principal Jennifer Currie

Prince of Wales Public School

St. Catharines