Fun Activities for Your Kids

Don’t know about you guys, but this time of year we are always looking for different things to do to keep our littles entertained and give them a break from their screen.
Here some fun indoor activities supporters have sent through to us.

Indoor bowling:
All you need is some empty plastic bottles and a ball. It’s a super fun way to teach kids about addition and keeping score while keeping them entertained. Plus… who doesn’t love to bowl?

Marshmallow Building Block Treat:
Ok this may not be the healthiest treat BUT it’s pretty fun!
Much like the old TinkerToy® set, have your kids stick pretzel sticks into the ends of marshmallows and use them to build magnificent (and delicious!) structures.

Artful Expression:
Using your art supplies, like cotton balls, construction paper, paint, dried pasta etc whatever your kids can use, let them make an artful representation of the reason they’re inside in the first place. It’s a wonderful way to help your kiddos freely express themselves.

Home made play dough.
Who doesn’t love playing with play dough?!
Here is a colourful and really easy home recipe — a little bit of Home Ec and playtime all wrapped into one! 🙂

Play Dough Recipe – Kool-Aid Playdough


Want to share your ideas with the crew on ways to keep your kiddos entertained? Drop your feedback below: