Lunch Program 101, Raffle Draw, Bingo Volunteers Needed!


From all of us at the Crew, Happy Valentine’s Day! Having a HEART for children, and bringing them hope which can lead to life transformation, is why we do what we do–THANK YOU for partnering with Community Crew!

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DID YOU KNOW that the lunches we serve in our Lunch Program contain each food group plus a snack, but they are NOT all the same? We currently serve 15 different combinations of “Speciality Lunches” any given day that address unique dietary requirements for each child enrolled in our program, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, halal, and vegetarian. Nancy, who manages nutrition for the Crew, ensures that the food she orders each week meets the needs of every child. Our lunch pack volunteer team takes great care that our Speciality Lunches are assembled and labeled correctly so that each child we serve gets to enjoy a healthy lunch!

DID YOU KNOW that the food in the “Speciality Lunches” is significantly more expensive than the food in the traditional lunches? And, the number of Speciality Lunches we now serve, 100’s a week, has grown exponentially since Community Crew became a registered charity in 2016. We are committed to meeting the dietary requirements of every food insecure child enrolled in our Lunch Program.

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DID YOU KNOW that it takes over 90 active volunteers each week to pack and deliver lunches to food insecure children in 33 schools in the Niagara Region every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? Crew volunteer work does not start on Tuesday though, it actually starts on Monday. Every Monday, our dedicated team of volunteers spend hours prepping the food to be served in the lunches for the entire week. These volunteers chop vegetables, cut bread, and count out and organize EVERY item that will be packed on our rotational lunch menu for the week. Efficiently packing thousands of lunches each week would be impossible without the work of our Monday prep team. THANK YOU, Monday Prep Team, for ensuring that the lunch pack process runs smoothly!


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Bingo Update:

We are thankful for the fundraising opportunities given to the Crew through the Delta Bingo Charitable Gaming Centres in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Fort Erie, and Welland. We are currently in need of a few more volunteers for Fort Erie and Welland, and to find out more, email

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