Grant McArthur works to Break the Cycle in 2021

Grant is passionate about helping kids and this year he has made a pledge to cycle 10,000km throughout 2021 with a goal to raise $100,000!

Did we also mention that Grant is 53 years old and has been cycling for 3 years? This is going to be a challenge for him, but he is willing to do it to help raise awareness and funds for the program we deliver.


Meet Grant McArtherGET TO KNOW GRANT

He is a father of two, married for over twenty-five years to a wonderful lady, CommCrew cyclist, extensive traveller, reader, entrepreneur, photography hobbyist, dedicated volunteer, not to mention an active board member for Community Crew & Asian Outreach.

“I am always stepping out of my comfort zone. A “multipotentialite“, out-of-the-box thinker who is dedicated to achieving social goals on a global scale, with children always at the forefront” 

Born in South Africa, Grant, from a young age, was always doing whatever he could to help those around him; whether that was bringing food to someone who needed it or helping people gain access to clothes or other essentials. He would sit and listen intently to people in his community share their stories, challenges and more. This exposure taught Grant early in life the importance of proper socio economic development.  From his military days, he used to take army rations and give them to the kids; often causing issues with his superiors, but that didn’t stop him, as his passion to help others runs deep. Since then it’s become a passion of his to work with children from all areas of the globe and help build positive environments that will inspire children and help give them the tools they need to reach their fullest potential, achieve their dreams.

He has travelled to over 50+ countries and always finds himself in areas that have been hard-hit economically.  Once when lost in the Golden Triangle, North Thailand, he found himself in a small village off the beaten path where he befriended the people he met there quite quickly. They took him in, shared meals with him, and even started teaching him  “Sepak takraw” (foot volleyball). But those that know Grant are not surprised to hear that he makes friends everywhere he goes. On his travels, where most people would be taking in the shear natural beauty of the country they are in, you will find Grant having fun riding along on a “ma long” with the children in Cambodia or playing soccer with school kids in Honduras.

“I’ve been blessed to spend time in countries that have taught me so much, and children are children, no matter where in the world they are”.

It is this line of thought and belief that drives Grant. We know that without a doubt this is his motivation and his inspiration to keep peddling until he crosses that 10,000km mark!

Learn how you can get involved in Break They Cycle and help Grant achieve his goal!